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Very few surgeries publish their fees. They require you to use an enquiry form or come for a consultation.

Three that do have fees on their websites are Dr Warwick Harper whose practice is in Manly (with additional surgery locations in North Sydney and Nowra), and Dr Michael Szalay whose Precision Cosmetic Surgery is in Brisbane,  and Dr Mark Edenburg at the Eden Institute in Baulkham Hills, Sydney.
All have well documented websites with a great deal of information and many before and after photographs. Dr Harper also has videos about the procedures.

Dr Warwick Harper,
Dr Michael Szalay,
Dr Mark Edenburg,

Any other surgeons willing to publish average costs of surgery procedures here are welcome have their costs here.

Some surgeons who have, or are partners in a clinic with operating facility may quote an overall cost of having a surgery. Other surgeons may have rights to operate at public or private hospitals and can only quote their own fees and not the those of the hospital for the theatre, the stay and post operation stay.

Some surgeons may give you a free initial consultation but most charge for that. If you get a doctor to refer you for that you can get Medicare subsidy for it.

Dr Harper

(his fee alone)
Consultation fee
Breast augmentation from $5544
Breast reduction from $4400
Breast lift from $4400
(“from” meaning that the quote allows for the usual time taken – longer operation having higher cost for theatre, surgeon and anaesthetist)

Dr Szalay

$75 consult fee
Breast implants $7400 (brazilian implants $550 extra)  including hospital cost

Dr Edenburg

(his fee alone)
Consultation fee
Breast augmentation $6000 – (allow approximately $11000 total)
Breast lift $6000
Breast reduction $8500

Overseas Cosmetic Surgery

I am not recommending that you go overseas for cosmetic surgery, but if you have found this, you probably are curious about the cost of cosmetic surgery in other countries.
Some countries have a thriving medi-tourist industry – particularly India, Thailand and Hungary.
A search on the net found these ballpark costs for breast surgery.
All prices include the preliminaries, surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees, the hospital operation and post operation and stay, and implants and treatments.
You need to consider carefully the pros and cons.


Ashiriwad Hospital and
Dr Chaudhari, Pune
Breast augmentation $2100
Breast reduction $1400
Breast lift $1500
Gynaecomastia $1200


Phuket International Aesthetic Center and Dr Nond,
Breast augmentation $4300 -$4500 (with teardrop implants $5500)
Dual plane implants $4600
Endoscopic implants $4600
Breast lift $4600
Breast lift + implant 7900 (with teardrop implants $9100)
Breast reduction + lift + implants $9400


Dr Vincente Rodrigo
Dr Rodrigo claims to be the best cosmetic surgeon in Hungary and therefore charges about 20% more than others.
Breast augmentation $4200
Breast lift $4700
Breast augmentation + lift $6000
Breast reduction $5200
Gynaecomastia + liposuction $4600

South Korea

IAAN Clinic South Korea
As shown on the infographic South Koreans have more cosmetic surgeries than any others. More than Americans or Europeans. The Korean cosmetic surgeons would have to be experienced but there is not a great saving by going there for surgery.
Breast augmentation $6900
Breast reduction $9200


The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons keeps a good record of the total of the surgeries that the members report.
In 2013 they reported performing :
313327 breast augmentations at average cost of $3268 (Au$3750)
137233 breast lifts at average cost of $4174 (Au$4800)
122838 breast reductions at average cost of $5146 (Au$5900)
These costs would be the surgeon’s fee