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Basic breast implant advice

By all means look at before-and-after photos on a cosmetic surgeon’s site or in surgery and say to the surgeon that you want your breast to look like those, but realise that rib cage size, breast width and a dozen other factors will determine your ideal breast size. Bigger implants are not always better. If they are too big, they can permanently damage your breast tissue and ribs. The best place for breast implant incisions, with the lowest complication rate, may be in the fold under the breast (depending on your body). These incisions will appear like a little red crease. Lastly, be aware that your implants will not lift your breasts; only a breast lift can do that.

Avoid unnatural-looking implants

If you want natural-looking implants, stay away from breasts that have a defined 360 degree border. Avoid oversized implants that create a wide, bony gap between the breasts. If your implants are very large, your breasts will not naturally fall to the side when you lay on your back. You don’t want breasts that, in profile, look as full on top as on the bottom or implants that are so high that your nipples point downward. Talk to your plastic surgeon about creating the most natural look for you.

More Information

To see a good descriptive illustrated PDF prepared for American Society of Plastic Surgery all about breast implants – both saline and silicone (and copy it if you like) look here on the downloads page.

From ASAPS site