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This is the easy way to search for a cosmetic surgeon or cosmetician for any procedure on any part of you. There are over 1230 listed in all States so there are some near you. You can find and compare many near you all from this page. Keep it open for reference while you follow links from the surgery summaries to surgery websites.


In the right box type a post code, a town or city, a name of a business, or street address.
Post code or town or city name returns all listings. You need to find the one most relevant.
When the place or listing you want appears below, select it and it will go into the search box.

If you don’t add a city, suburb or town the results will be from all over, but…
if you know the name (or part) of the surgery practice you can put that in left box alone.

Tip: If, below the search box you already see a listing that you want, short circuit the search by selecting that listing and SEARCH LISTING

Click on the IMAGE of the listing you want, and its page will appear


In the left box type any term related to what you are looking for.
As you start listings with what you have typed so far appear below the box.
The listings become more specific and less general as you type more.
The general terms return relevant listings from all over. You need to find close enough listing.
When the place or listing you want appears below, select it and it will go into the search box.
Click on the IMAGE of the listing you want, and its page will appear.

You can also click on any CATEGORY on the list on the right. ALL listings in that category will appear. For the most common categories such as Cosmetic Surgeon that will return a big list.

If you want a cosmetic surgeon in North Sydney¬†enter North Sydney¬†in right box, select NORTH SYDNEY from the list that appears below, and then SEARCH LISTING and scroll down through several pages of listings, getting more detail (webpage, phone etc) as you go, and proceed to choose. A click on the surgery image (almost always default “no image”) or “read more” brings up the detail I have about the surgery. You can link out, or ring, from there.

Start with Cosmetic , select cosmetic surgeon below, Put eg.North Sydney in right box and SEARCH LISTING

If you want a more specific search such as rhinoplasty put (the first few letters of, and select) the wording in the left box and location in right box and SEARCH LISTING BUT note that not many surgeons list the categories they perform (or prefer to, or specialise in) with most of them merely listing as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon. You’ll have more choices if you go cosmetic surgeon and then get more information from website or other reviews. Keep this page open for reference.


Unless a business has upgraded their listing the search listings are very basic.

The website, Facebook, Twitter etc pages (clickable) and phone number (callable from mobile or pad), and address are listed if they were found. Many business were found that have not displayed these, and the businesses are not listed here…(businesses take note, people are looking online, not in the phone book, and prefer to find out about you without/before ringing)

The categories shown are those that the businesses have nominated. Many businesses don’t realise the importance of being accurate with these. They either have not cared to list their main activities accurately, or even at all, or have been careless with the truth in adding categories. Some will be taking on any clients for eg, cosmetic surgery, and others will be more particular in what procedure they accept. I can only go on what they say.

Note : The search finds listings in actual city or suburb of the business address, and/or PostCode, not the widespread area that they say they are “in” or “serve”.

There’s over 1200 listings so I expect you can find a good one near you. When you do, and have results you can talk about you can come back here and add a review, hopefully 5 stars.


While most cosmetic surgeries with experienced surgeons resident, or visiting, will accept just about any procedure they usually only list under the cosmetic surgery category. That is a very broad category and can include any procedures for face, head and neck, body, legs and arms. A few surgeries may nominate categories such as rhinoplasty or breast enhancement there is no need to be as specific as to your desired procedure to start with, although if you do see a listing with the category of just the type of procedure you desire check them out.

Despite my best efforts to eliminate duplication, there may be some because many business say there are “in” many places, or have small changes in name for same business. Also, a few strange listings get through.

I have changed my search for, and display of, found data several times. Recent listings show whether a video was found on their home page. Hopefully they have made a small bit of effort and made a short video to give you an impression of who they are … rather than crap nabbed from YouTube. Now that more than half of you search on a mobile, and do not want to scroll left and right, and later to write down a phone number, I’ve asked Google to say if websites pass their mobile friendly test. Older listings do not show these two.
The better sites have a great deal of useful information about, before-and-after photos, and videos but I found it too subjective and time consuming to try to qualify these.

Cosmetic surgeons, and cosmeticians, take note!!! Get your sites mobile friendly!! And get videos on your site ! And if you do not even have a web page, make one, quick. If you can’t do any of that, I’ll do it for you.


In Australia, as opposed to US, reviews are not yet a dominant reason for choosing a surgery. There will be a big change here as it will become people’s custom to always look for reviews before choosing. This is how it is for most people in US now. Many surgeries have no reviews, and therefor no Google Score.
The few businesses with worst and most complaints were deleted.

Since Google reviews stars tend to be 5 or 1 a Google Score of 4 or more would mean more people thought well, rather than bad, about the business.

Google Score, the number of Google Reviews, Good, and Bad, may, or may not be shown. At some stages I was either not finding and compiling, and/or not displaying these. If shown, they are “as found”. If not shown, it does not mean there aren’t any.

Cosmetic surgeons and cosmeticians and others, if you disagree, the data complied was public, and maybe it’s not all that’s out there, or maybe out of date. You are welcome to claim the listing and write your own story.